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The Hotel Cataratas is surrounded by the leafy tropical jungle of Misiones and is just a stone?s throw from the amazing Iguazú waterfalls.
We are sorry, but we are not going to try to describe the Iguazú waterfalls here. Of all the indescribable natural wonders of the world, our beloved waterfalls are unquestionably the hardest to describe with words. So a new alphabet will have to be invented to describe the feelings that you experience before the waterfalls? colossal confluence of water, land and air.
The Hotel Cataratas, flanked by the Iguazú and Paraná rivers, is surrounded by a jungle inhabited by red and blue macaws, ocelots, jaguars, anteaters, tapirs, toucans and different monkey species.
The border between Argentina and Brazil is just three kilometres away. The triple border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay is less than six kilometres from the hotel.
Near the hotel are three cities belonging to three different countries: Foz do Iguaçú, Puerto Iguazú and Ciudad del Este. Less than a five minute walk from the hotel you can visit the House of Precious Stones (the only gemmological factory and centre in Argentina), the House of Birds-Güiraoga and the Aripuca Tourist Complex. But do not leave the area without recommendations. If you like engineering, you have to visit the Itaipú dam; if history is your thing, you have to see some of the Jesuit settlements, especially the San Ignacio mission. The Jesuits built around 40 missions right in the Guaraní rain forest over the course of more than 150 years: this world has been immortalised by major films like The Mission.
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